Chocolate Trifle

Makes: 4 generous servings

I know I have taken photos of this! I can’t decide whether to search for it or just make more chocolate trifle. It’s REALLY good!

8 Double Chocolate Cookies – broken into pieces
Chocolate Sauce
2 cartons of dairy-free whipping cream (found in tetrapak cartons)
125g vegan chocolate
Grated chocolate for garnishing

1. Break the chocolate into pieces, and melt it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Don’t let any water splash in!
2. Whisk the cream until it is quite stiff. Set aside about a quarter of it for topping the trifles.
3. Pour the melted chocolate into the remaining three-quarters of the cream, and whisk to incorporate.
4. Meanwhile, make the chocolate sauce. If you made it earlier, you might need to re-heat it if it has gone too solid.
5. Assemble your trifles by layering broken biscuits, chocolate sauce and chocolate cream. Top with a layer of plain cream, and garnish with grated chocolate.
6. Chill in the fridge before serving.

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