Hi! I’m Cherry. I’ve been vegan since 2001, when the internet was dial-up and being a vegan was weird. There was no Facebook or Instagram, and there were hardly any vegan websites at all, let alone British ones. There was only one UK vegan recipe site, which made things tricky because American measurements and ingredients were so alien to me at the time; I measured in pounds and ounces, didn’t own a set of measuring cups and had no idea what graham crackers were, or why cake needed applesauce. Thankfully, I left home with a love of cooking, and set to work veganising everything that I wanted to eat! I created this website to share my recipes, to make it a little bit easier for anyone else thinking about becoming vegan.

I’m proud that mine were the first recipes on the internet for vegan sticky toffee pudding, chocolate trifle and vegan chocolate cheesecake, amongst others, and that my recipes have helped so many people to transition to veganism. Now, after more than a decade of neglect, it’s time for Parsley Soup to get a little bit of TLC and get some new recipes and photos. I hope you like them!