Battenburg Cake

Makes: 2 small battenburgs – about 12 slices

1/2 almond/vanilla cake
1/2 chocolate cake
1 block of marzipan
Apricot jam

1) Cut each cake into 4 equal ‘fingers’. 2 vanilla/almond and 2 chocolate for each cake.
2) Arrange the cakes as shown in the photo, sandwiching them with a very thin layer of jam.
3) Roll out the marzipan. You need two rectangles that are about 7″ x 11″. (The length of each battenburg x 4 times the width).
4) Spread jam thinly over marzipan rectangle and place battenburg along the shorter edge. Roll the cake up tightly in the marzipan, pressing down where the edges meet.

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